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Responsible Gaming

Online Gaming is a form of entertainment. We want people to enjoy our games for the right reason- to have fun. However, when a person becomes a compulsive gamer, problems arise.

HLBET has assumed the responsibility of actively promoting responsible gambling and providing help to those in need.

Do you play too much?

Gaming can be both entertaining and profitable, but you can’t always win. Losing is part of the game and you have to be prepared for it. Therefore you should play responsibly, and not risk money that you can’t afford to lose. Gaming can also be addictive and can easily make you lose perspective of time and money. We at HLBET want all your gaming experiences to be as positive as possible, even if you lose. Therefore we work hard to help you control your own gaming.

Preventing a Gaming Problem

Here are few tips:

Gaming as a form of leisure.

Avoid chasing losses.

To keep the amount of time spent gaming under control, try to set time limits for play.

Try to keep phones and other gadgets out of the bedroom so you won’t play into the night.

Do some daily exercise. This will lower the health risks of sitting and playing for long time.

Legal age limit 18+

Persons below the age of 18 are prohibited.

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account with HLBET. HLBET reserves the right to request for proof of age from any member and may suspend an account until verification is received.

HLBET strongly advises our customers to prevent potential misuse by keeping their account number, username and password confidential.

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